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『NodaEmi LIVE 2024 “time”』Notice Regarding the Live Event

▼Notice Regarding the Live Event

①Please follow the instructions of the staff in the event hall.

②Bringing alcohol, drinking alcohol, or attending while under the influence of alcohol is prohibited.

③During the performance, please watch from your seat, either standing or sitting. Leaving your seat, running forward, leaning forward, or any other actions that bring you close to other customers in front, behind, or on either side of you are prohibited.

④We do not accept gifts, congratulatory flowers, flowers on the stand, letters, etc. for Artist. Please note that if any of these arrive at the venue, they will be refused.

⑤ Pregnant women, those who are expected to become pregnant, those with chronic or underlying illnesses, those who find it difficult to act alone, etc., please prioritize the safety of your own body and those involved. Please consider visiting based on the judgment of.

(warning)If the organizer or staff member determines that you have committed annoying acts such as not complying with the above prohibitions or not following the staff's instructions.You may be asked to leave the venue regardless of whether the performance is ongoing or not.



NodaEmi LIVE 2024 “time”2次受付のお知らせ

NodaEmi LIVE 2024 “time”のキャンセルによる2次募集を行うことになりました! 若干名にはなりますが以下のページより是非お申し込みください! 【2次受付申込ページ】 【受付期間】 2024/6/13(木) 12:00 ~2024/6/14(金) 23:59 結果発表予定日:6月15日


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